Pets are one of the most trusted companions that humans can have. Since the ages, they are with the human race and serving them. The pets can bring joy and happiness to one’s life without asking for any kind of favor. Their trust for their masters is unmatchable and the way they loved their master and his family no one can do. So it is imperative to mention that loss of such a lovely creature from your life can be a big blow. But you can have a way to cherish your bonding and relationship with your lost pet. An exact stuffed replica of your pet can be the best way to keep the platonic relation going and help you to enjoy the company of your pet that you used to have when he will be with you.

The best part is that custom stuffed animals can replicate any kind of pets, starting from the dog to cat to any other. So whatever pet you had earlier you can get a beautiful replica of the same. If you are not finding the perfect stuffed animal for you then you can try your own hands to make a stuffed animal of your choice. But before trying at home, you must know how to do it, especially the sewing of the customized stuffed animals.

Tips to sew the stuffed animals

Making the custom stuffed animals is not a tedious job; rather if you know the drill then it is much easier a job to accomplish. Let’s check out step by step guide to preparing your stuffed toy,

  • Take a cloth piece of your choice, if it’s a washable cloth then it’s Now take your washable marker and draw the limbs and body with that marker. Don’t forget to draw the lines two times once in both sides.
  • Now, after finishing the drawing cut the cloth according to the outlines made by you. Now clip free the parts from the cloth. If you rounded the limbs then it will definitely make the pet look prettier and cute. But if you are not conversant enough with sewing then it will be better to cut it in a regular shape rather than rounded.
  • Now take the parts of each limb together, sew it properly and don’t forget to leave a gap so that you can stuff cotton or other fabrics to give it a fuller look. Now, after sewing the parts turn your fabric right side out.
  • Push the fillings gently inside the limbs and torso until it is full, but never stuff the fillings more than the acceptable limit or else it will not be flexible.
  • Next, you have to do the final stitching of the gaps of various parts so that the fillings cannot come out of the parts.
  • Now fix the parts together, limbs with torso and torso with the head of the animal and use buttons and colors to make face eyes and embellish your custom stuffed animals.

 So now you know how to make a replica of your favorite pet by making custom stuffed animals. Never miss your favorite pet again and spend hours playing with them.


The Art of Sewing Stuffed Animals
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